Open Doors and Hungry Hearts

Taking the Good News to the Middle East

Sometimes the Lord unexpectedly brings open doors (Colossians 4:3). Institute for Cre­ation Research events are usually held in the United States and Cana­da, but it appears God may be leading us beyond these borders. Last year, Dr. Randy Guliuzza spoke in South Korea, and the new edition of our DVD series Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis has subtitles in […]

open doors

Interpretation of the biblical text is foundational to an understanding of God’s Word.

A non-literal approach to the text ultimately means that man “decides” what God meant when God inspired the writings. When man makes the decision, science is often laid over Scripture, or reason over revelation. Experience rules over biblical doctrine in many hearts, thus relegating the Scripture to a subservient position.

When one approaches the Scripture as a literalist, God’s Word determines what man is to believe. Scripture then rules over man’s atheistic science and revelation rules over man’s “natural” mind–including ruling over man’s feelings or experience.