2 Reasons to Be Bold and Take Courage

How God’s Comprehensive Forgiveness Impacts You

We ought to be so flooded with joy at the release of our guilt and shame before Him that our active minds would be skipping with joy over the “problems” of the day. Why can we be bold and take courage in God’s forgiveness? I have 2 reasons for taking us through this view of […]

2 Reasons to Be Bold and Take Courage
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Episode 16: What Happened After the Sons of Noah Left the Ark? [Podcast]

The Second Age: From Worldwide Destruction to Preservation and Repopulation

The Flood had destroyed the first world. Thus began a new era in a new world. What took place after the sons of Noah exited the ark? And how did civilization get to the breaking point at Babel? Listen to the audio: Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes | Android | Google Play | RSS We finished […]

Heroes and Villains podcast The Sons of Noah

Today, the most easily observable attribute of God is His omniscience.

The unlimited power of God (His omnipotence) is displayed in the apparently infinite universe containing the immeasurable energy resources in the uncounted galaxies of space. Certainly they speak of God’s eternal power.

But in the last few decades, humanity has become more aware of the infinitely complex nature of this universe. From the vast majesty of the stellar host to the minute beauty of microscopic living organisms, the incredible design and order of the world is becoming more and more evident.

Dr. Henry M. Morris III
5 Reasons to Believe in Recent Creation (Dallas: Institute For Creation Research, 2014), pg. 28