Cambrian Explosion

Cambrian rock layers contain nearly all the basic animal forms—with no trace of transitional fossils in lower Precambrian rocks. Even Darwin himself had a difficult time explaining what we now call the “Cambrian explosion” of life.

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ICR at First Euless

ICR at FBC Euless

I will be presenting Exploring the Evidence for Creation at First Euless on March 2nd. Attendees must register by February 29th. Contact Pastor Bob Neely to register:

Date: March 2, 2016
Time: 11:45 a.m.
Event: ICR at First Euless
Topic: Exploring the Evidence for Creation
Venue: First Euless
(817) 267-3313
Location: 1000 W Airport Fwy
Euless, TX 76039
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Episode 29: God Leads Us Only When We’re On the Way [Podcast]

An Important Principle about Direction from the Lord

Years ago when I took my MBA, one of the courses that we went through was how to interview prospective employees. One of the things we were taught very carefully not to do was to lead questions. We would identify the question in such a way that they would have to respond from their own […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Eliezer and Rebekah 2 God leads

Discipleship University at First Baptist Dallas


The 2,000 Year War

Before we can understand the history of these two millennia, we must understand what our Lord Jesus Christ intended for the global church to be and to do. Aspects of this study include:

  • The Biblical and Historical Overview
  • The Early Heresies
  • The Philosophical and Theological Matrix
  • The Political Structuring of Rome’s “Catholic” Church
  • The Horror of the Dark Ages
  • The Separatist Movements
  • The Rise of the Reformation
  • The “Daughters” of the Reformation
  • The Modern Movement Dangers

This free weekly course will be on Sunday evenings starting January 10 and finishing on March 13.

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Date: February 28, 2016
Time: 05:30 p.m.
Event: Discipleship University at First Baptist Dallas
Topic: The 2,000 Year War
Venue: First Baptist Dallas
Location: 1707 San Jacinto
Dallas, TX 75201
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
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ICR Museum of Science and Earth History

Building to Equip the Next Generation

Back in September 2015, I challenged each of us to “Go For It!” Rising to the surface of my mind then was the deep burden that I have carried for over five years to put in place a legacy tool that would reach the coming generations. God’s people have always faced seasons of darkness and […]

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