Episode 47: Temptation and Unjust Punishment [Podcast]

Life Lesson: Sometimes Being Obedient Will Cost You

Joseph had proven himself to be a very capable businessman. He’s obviously known within the circles of Potiphar and many who were at Pharaoh’s court. He was entrusted with a position of leadership and responsibility. Potiphar’s wife enters the scene, vigorously seeking to seduce Joseph into great sin. In this episode, discover Joseph’s approach to […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Joseph the Slave 2 temptation

What Does Day Mean?

The Bible’s Language Is Precise about the Duration of Creation

The Bible is very precise in its language about the timescale of creation. The very concept of our “day” is defined in the first chapter of Genesis. So, is it possible to translate the word “day” to mean “age” to accommodate the required eons of evolution? And does the biblical record have any compatibility with […]

What Does Day Mean

Episode 46: Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors [Podcast]

Unveil the Purpose of the Creator in a Flashy Poncho and Crazy Dreams

We have now reached the life of Joseph in this study of heroes and villains of the Bible. If ever there was an example of somebody who didn’t deserve what he got, this is a good one. Joseph’s story often reminds us that God is aware. One of the phrases that keeps popping up in […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Joseph the Slave - Coat of Many Colors

Evolution Is a Story Invented by Man

The Bible Has No Hint of Evolutionary Development

Did you know there isn’t a hint of long evolutionary ages in the Bible? Still, some insist that God used evolution to create living organisms—including us. Can Christians believe in both creation and evolution? How can we know evolution is a story invented by man and not truly biblical? Examine the evidence in this audio […]

Evolution is a story