Why Should Genesis Be Required Reading?

Remembering the Forgotten Book of Beginnings

Genesis is a fascinating book! The timeless narratives contained in it have delighted spellbound youngsters since it was written. Scholars have debated the information for centuries—especially the historicity and authenticity of the first 11 chapters. Preachers have wrestled with the implications of the lives of the patriarchs. Countless readers have either gaped in awe at […]

Genesis required reading

The Bible and Evolution Are Incompatible

Free Resources to Study Biblical Creation

No one has observed the evolutionary process of upward change taking place today. It does not happen! The Genesis narrative clearly communicates recent, special creation by the Triune God. The Bible and evolution (vertical change) are incompatible. The false reasoning used by evolutionists is that “since there is evidence of small changes (horizontal), there must […]

Science Does Not Observe Evolution Happening Today

Nature Reveals 5 Powerful Points About God

Discover What Nature Reveals About the Character of the Creator

God is the greatest communicator, always revealing exactly what He wants us to know about Himself, about one another, and about the world around us. God has indeed revealed Himself through what He created. What does nature reveal about the character of the Creator? Nature Reveals 5 Powerful Points About God It just takes a […]

Nature Reveals 5 Powerful Points About God

Why Earth Is Very Special to Our Creator

Biblical and Scientific Reasons for the Unique Nature of Planet Earth

Secularists like to consider Earth as just one among many millions of planets, occupying an obscure place in an insignificant galaxy in a sea of nothingness. The Bible teaches, however, that Earth is very special to the Creator, performing a crucial role in the universe today and playing an unending role in the cosmic saga. […]

Why Earth Is Very Special to Our Creator

Your Origins Matter

God Made You for a Reason

Your origins matter. Who and what you are is important! More significantly, how you see yourself really matters. Your Origins Matter If humanity is nothing more than the product of random forces, then what I do is irrelevant—except as it satisfies my own wishes. If I am nothing more than a “higher order” of grunting […]

Your Origins Matter