Why Must the Age of the Earth Issue Be Resolved?

Examine Biblical, Historical, and Scientific Implications

Implied and often openly embraced with the long ages is the corollary accommodation of evolutionary development over those long ages. Naturalistic interpretations of present reality require billions of incomprehensible time periods to allow for evolutionary progression. Any age-long interpretation of the creation account in Genesis would necessarily permit an evolutionary scheme to fit easily within it. The age of the Earth issue must be resolved.

Why Must the Age of the Earth Issue Be Resolved?

Why Must the Age of the Earth Issue Be Resolved?

One common thread runs among the alternatives to ex nihilo creation: Physical death is considered normal and part of God’s “good” creative acts. With the exception of the older Gap Theory, physical death is seen as a normal and regular part of the days of the creation week. The Gap Theory suggests that a pre-Adamic world was destroyed by God, leaving a record of that judgment in the rocks of the earth. All the various hybrid interpretations (including the Gap Theory) would view the fossil record as evidence of the death of enormous numbers of life forms prior to the creation of Adam and Eve.

This divergence is more far-reaching theologically than the suggestion that the “days” may be ages. Not only is the meaning of the word “death” in question, but the entire body of biblical data on the substitutionary atonement is impacted. Many of the textual terms surrounding the Fall, the Flood, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, and the ultimate destruction of death and the elimination of the Curse, appear to become free-floating concepts when the anchor of the apparent meaning of death is removed.

Death Before Sin?

“The Flood of Noah Could Not Have Been Global”

If one accepts the textual language of Genesis 6-9 as accurate, historical language meant to be taken at face value, then the scientific and geological implications are enormous. If all air-breathing life died, if all the high hills were covered and the waters increased for 150 days, requiring over one year to drain sufficiently for Noah and those with him in the Ark to disembark, then the Flood described would have left a worldwide record visible for all to see. Indeed, if such a visible record is demonstrable, then modern geology, and therefore long-age evolutionary interpretation of the fossil record, would be radically affected.

Thus, all old-age hybrid interpretations of the Genesis record must treat the biblical record of Noah’s Flood as some form of regional or local inundation that merely impacted the known world—primarily the Mesopotamian Valley in the Fertile Crescent region of ancient civilizations.

However, if the Flood was global, then the worldwide catastrophe would have laid down most of the sedimentary layers and the fossils they contain in one year—not over hundreds of millions of years.

95 Reasons Why the Genesis Flood Was Global

Such a contrast and conflict cannot be resolved unless the biblical record is interpreted to meet the scientific criteria, or the science is interpreted to fit the biblical text. Evangelical scholarship cannot have it both ways. Either the biblical text is superior to naturalistic interpretations of geological data, or the naturalistic interpretation of geological data is superior to the biblical text.

Evolutionary Naturalism Opposes the Revealed Character of God

It is no academic secret that the main proponents of evolutionary naturalism and the associated sociological exponents of that philosophy are atheistic in theory if not in practice, such as modernism, post-modernism, and various forms of scientism—all of which are opposed to the idea of a Creator.

Such an evolutionary philosophy is in diametric opposition to the revealed text of Scripture. A god who would use the cruel, inefficient, wasteful, death-filled processes of the random, purposeless
mechanisms of naturalistic evolution, contrasts so radically with the God described in the pages of the Bible that one wonders how the two characters can ever be thought to be in harmony.

Creation Reflects the Character of the Creator

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One thought on “Why Must the Age of the Earth Issue Be Resolved?

  1. Here’s how I see this creation. Regards Jeff

    7000 Year Creation ~ Sola Scriptura

    Anno Mundi = Description ~ Scripture Reference
    0AM = Adam is created on the sixth day ~ Gen 1:26-31
    1056AM = Noah was born (add up father years) ~ Gen 5:1-29
    1558AM = Shem born when Noah (502y) ~ Gen 11:10
    1656AM = The global flood begins Noah (600y) ~ Gen 7:6,11
    1948AM = Abraham was born (add up father years) ~ Gen 11:10-26
    2000AM = Abraham (52y) leaves Ur of Chaldeans ~ Gen 15:7 & Jasher 12:57-70
    2018AM = The Lord’s Covenant with Abraham (70y) ~ Gen 15:16 & Gal 3:17
    2048AM = Isaac born when Abraham was 100y ~ Gen 21:5 & Jasher 21:3
    2448AM = Exodus from Egypt 400y after Isaac’s birth ~ Gen 15:13
    2928AM = Solomon builds the temple (480y later) ~ 1Ki 6:1 & 2CH 3:1-2
    3000AM = King Asa (15th year) holds a huge Revival ~ 2Ch 15:10-15
    3427AM = Proclamation of Cyrus in 70th year of captivity ~ 2Ch 36:20-23
    3428AM = Zerubbabel starts 2nd temple 390+40+70=500y later ~ Eze 4:4-6
    3476AM = Temple and Jerusalem rebuilt 7x7w=49y later ~ Lev 25:8-10 & Neh 12:43
    3477AM = Prophecy of Daniel about 7x70w=490y ~ Dan 9:24 & Mat 18:22
    3966AM = Birth of Jesus (2BC) End of 70w (77w from Cyrus) ~ Mat 16:28 & Luk 9:28
    4000AM = Jesus is crucified (3rd April 33AD) ~ Dan 6:26, 7:14, 9:27 & Joh 19:1-42
    6000AM = The 1000y Sabbath begins ~ Exo 20:9-11 & Lev 25:3-4 & Rev 20:4-6
    7000AM = Judgement Day ~ Gen 9:5 & Jos 6:15 & Heb 11:30 & Rev 20:7-15, 21:7-8