Why Earth Is Very Special to Our Creator

Biblical and Scientific Reasons for the Unique Nature of Planet Earth

Secularists like to consider Earth as just one among many millions of planets, occupying an obscure place in an insignificant galaxy in a sea of nothingness. The Bible teaches, however, that Earth is very special to the Creator, performing a crucial role in the universe today and playing an unending role in the cosmic saga. […]

Why Earth Is Very Special to Our Creator

Your Origins Matter

God Made You for a Reason

Your origins matter. Who and what you are is important! More significantly, how you see yourself really matters. Your Origins Matter If humanity is nothing more than the product of random forces, then what I do is irrelevant—except as it satisfies my own wishes. If I am nothing more than a “higher order” of grunting […]

Your Origins Matter

Is the Bible Trustworthy?

Why You Should Trust the Authority of Scripture

Is the Bible trustworthy or not? More importantly, is the Author of the Bible—God—trustworthy or not? If so, then God is supremely and exclusively authoritative on all matters about which He writes. Is the Bible Trustworthy? The heart of the issue is authority. In other words, if God is the Author of all truth and not untruth, […]

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Do You Trust the Genesis Record?

The Bible Is Scientifically Accurate

This is a magnificent time to examine the accuracy of the Genesis record. Displays of the design and omniscience of the Creator are more open and obvious today than ever before. Do You Trust the Genesis Record? Information about the discoveries of science is absolutely stunning! Science does not support evolution—no matter how passionately the […]

Do You Trust the Genesis Record

How to Evade Pitfalls of the Wrong Perspective

History Lessons from the Book of Amos

As with any major event in the life of God’s people (like the groundbreaking ceremony for the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History—learn more below), there are warnings from Scripture about the dangers to avoid as the blessings of God become a focal point for the future. The prophet Amos records a series […]

How to Evade Pitfalls of the Wrong Perspective