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How to Contact Me

Ethical Use Policy

Please use the material on this website for personal study and/or preparing sermons and lessons for your church. If you wish to use the material in any other way, the following applies:

1. You may print or photocopy pages in whole as ministry tools for churches, schools, etc. My copyright notice and website address (© 2015-2018 Dr. Henry M. Morris III. All Rights Reserved. must be included, with no exceptions.

2. You may quote up to 100 words, or rephrase or summarize my information for noncommercial, educational use provided you include the proper references each time my information is used.

Nothing in my published materials (in printed or electronic form) may be reprinted or reproduced in other publications, for other media, or on other websites in whole or in part beyond these guidelines without obtaining permission from ICR. This applies to text, graphics, audio, video, and all content.