6 Ways to Praise God on Thanksgiving

Focusing Our Holiday Attention on Worshiping the Creator

The “thanksgiving” part of this end-of-year holiday season has slipped a bit from its early intent. Although many American families will prepare a “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner, and many will pause long enough to express “thanks”—to someone or something, perhaps even to God—there is no doubt that the public consciousness has drifted far from a clear […]

6 Ways to Praise God on Thanksgiving

What Are the Two Dominant Worldviews?

Examining the Biblical and Sociological Frameworks

Two belief systems or worldviews now stand at the center of reflective and deductive thought. One seeks to understand and explain all things in terms limited to natural phenomena and human interplay. The other finds naturalistic explanations unsatisfactory and searches for answers outside of nature in the supernatural realm. What are the two dominant worldviews? […]

What Are the Two Dominant Worldviews

Why Should Genesis Be Required Reading?

Remembering the Forgotten Book of Beginnings

Genesis is a fascinating book! The timeless narratives contained in it have delighted spellbound youngsters since it was written. Scholars have debated the information for centuries—especially the historicity and authenticity of the first 11 chapters. Preachers have wrestled with the implications of the lives of the patriarchs. Countless readers have either gaped in awe at […]

Genesis required reading

11 Lessons for Mothers Day

Learn from Important Mothers in Scripture

Several women are given recognition in Scripture. Some are recognized in unusual ways for traits of a mother’s heart seldom given much thought. This Mothers Day might be a good time to learn from a few of them. What can we learn from these important mothers in Scripture? 11 Lessons for Mothers Day Eve, Mother […]

11 Lessons for Mothers Day

Freedom and Spiritual Liberty

A Celebration of the “Glorious Liberty of the Children of God”

Americans celebrate the Fourth of July as a remembrance of our nation’s independence, liberty, and freedom. The original push for freedom was focused on political liberty. Although the Bible may imply political freedom in some of its references about Israel, the ultimate freedom that it promised is freedom from the rule of evil secured by […]