Episode 64: A Cycle of Disobedience [Podcast]

When Moses' Leadership Was Tested and God Still Provided for His People

As the once enslaved Hebrew nation developed, a cycle of disobedience and forgiveness emerged. The people lost faith, Moses interceded, and God provided for them.  In this episode, navigate through events at Rephidim as Moses heeded God’s word.

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses the Leader 3 Cycle of Disobedience

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In this episode, get answers to the following study questions:

  1. Where is Rephidim?
  2. What did God use a rock for in the desert?
  3. Who was Amalek?
  4. How did Aaron and Hur help Moses?
  5. What suggestion did Jethro make about the power structure for the Israelites?

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