Episode 57: From Doubting to Dutiful [Podcast]

God Reveals His Plan at the Burning Bush

At the events of the burning bush, God begins his personal relationship and instruction with Moses. As God reveals His plan to deliver the nation of Israel, there is a transition from Moses the sheepherder to Moses the spokesperson of Israel. In this episode, learn how Moses responds to God’s call and transforms from doubting to dutiful.

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses in Training 3 - Doubting to Dutiful

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In this episode, get answers to the following study questions:

  1. What does Moses’ reaction to seeing the Lord in person reflect about God?
  2. Where is the Wilderness of Sin?
  3. How can we learn from Moses’ initial self doubt?
  4. What do the events at the burning bush reveal about the Trinity?
  5. When is the responsibility of the nation of Israel given to Moses?

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