Episode 61: Established Throughout Eternity [Podcast]

Egypt Experiences the Final Plagues

The plagues continue as God demonstrates His sovereign power over all other forces. When Pharaoh finally frees the Israelites, Egypt is reduced to nothing. And God ensures the nation of Israel will be established throughout eternity. In this episode, learn how Israel goes from being a slave nation to one of the wealthiest nations of the earth—literally overnight.

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses the Challenger 3 - Established Throughout Eternity

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In this episode, get answers to the following study questions:

  1. Why did Israel suffer the first plagues if they were God’s chosen people?
  2. How did the plagues attack and discredit the Egyptian gods?
  3. What was the death angel?
  4. Why was the death of the firstborn so devastating to families?
  5. What does the story of the Israelites teach us about true faith?

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One thought on “Episode 61: Established Throughout Eternity [Podcast]

  1. I can’t seem to find the podcasts anymore. I got to episode 54. Any chance you’ll add them to the podcast?