Do You Believe the Promises of God in the Gospel?

Unfolding the Full Creation Salvation Message

Genesis 1–11 provides the foundation for the rest of Scripture. Without those insights to the beginnings of history, we would be unable to accurately understand much of the “what” and most of the “why” of our world. Do you understand the full creation salvation message? Do you believe the promises of God in the gospel? […]

Do You Believe the Promises of God in the Gospel

How to Communicate the Full Gospel of Christ

Creation, Conservation, and Consummation

America has often been classified as a “Christian” nation. But statistics from Pew Research and Gallup over the last decade have revealed a startling reality. Over half of professing evangelical Protestant church members believe that other religions can lead to eternal life! How can the church impact the world with the gospel of Christ if […]

How to Communicate the Full Gospel of Christ

Not of This World

Walk as Children of Light

Do not love the world or the things in the world” (1 John 2:15). We must be wary of the world’s “things,” because we are “in the world,” not “of the world” (John 17:11-16). The command from John’s epistle is that we are not to love the world or its things, not that we should remain blissfully […]

Not of This World

Living Missionally

Emily Allen Shares Her Personal Experience from the Mission Field

I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Taiwan in July 2013. When the opportunity came this past summer to return to the same part of that country for three weeks, I honestly wasn’t sure if I would go. I had a lot of doubt, especially regarding raising the money. But the Lord was […]

living missionally

2 Crucial Components of Evangelism

Every Christian Needs This Approach to Proclaim the Gospel

Writing from prison in Rome some 10 years after he helped found the church in Philippi, Paul still felt such a bond with those believers that he insisted they “partake” with him in his “defense and confirmation” of the gospel ministry. What are the components of evangelism? Just as it is right for me to […]