Episode 12: Evolution Paints the Wrong Picture [Podcast]

Discover the Truth about Ancient Humans—Hint: They Weren't Grunting Cavemen!

Welcome to the final episode of Heroes and Villains: Lamech and Enoch! Last week’s contrasting character study taught us much about “the Conqueror” and “the Preacher of Righteousness.” In this episode, we will find out the truth about ancient humanity. Evolution paints the wrong picture of our ancestors!

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What about these kids of Lamech? The Scripture makes a significant point about talking about them. Three of them are named—the daughter is named, it doesn’t say much about her—but let’s look at them. Again, this is the book that Adam has written. This is the information that Adam has recorded. Chapter 5, verse 1, closes with the phrase, “This is the book of Adam,” so chapter 4 is part of the book that Adam has written. So Adam knows these guys and has recorded their inference and the significance of them. Seth’s line is the one who tends to preserve it after Adam dies, so the conversations that we see going on during this period of time are not—every time I watch a PBS documentary about ancient history I really get upset, because inevitably these old human beings have on, well, loincloths usually, and their language is something like *grunting noises*. No, the first recorded conversations were rather sophisticated. You see subtle answers, you see deceptive answers, you see critical thinking, you see defiance, and you see an awful lot of thing in the language just in the conversations that were recorded. These were not dumb people. That means they had a language not only that they spoke but they wrote and recorded.

When I first started going to seminary back in 1725, one of the things we were constantly reading was the language had evolved and we didn’t really have a good language, or a good recorded language, until sometime after maybe the 10th or 12th dynasty of Egypt. And then all of a sudden they discovered Ur of the Chaldees. You remember Ur of the Chaldees, Abraham’s home? Turns out not only was that a big city—250,000 people they calculated the size of Ur of the Chaldees—but it had a library with over 100,000 volumes in it! Now that’s Abraham, 21st century B.C., and it took a long time for that stuff to get out of the academic readings because that just didn’t fit the evolutionary timeframe. But remember now, the Scripture reveals that these men and women were not only brilliant, they were created after God in His image and they had the ability to think and to respond. And Adam wrote a book, and these other men recorded things, so we find cities and commerce going on in these early chapters of Genesis.

Discover the truth about ancient humans. The thinking of evolution paints the wrong picture of our ancestors!

  1. How did our ancestors communicate?
  2. One of Lamech’s sons developed an agricultural system that impacts us today. What was it?
  3. Another son developed sophisticated musical instruments. What impact did his inventions have on civilization?

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