How to Evade Pitfalls of the Wrong Perspective

History Lessons from the Book of Amos

As with any major event in the life of God’s people (like the groundbreaking ceremony for the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History—learn more below), there are warnings from Scripture about the dangers to avoid as the blessings of God become a focal point for the future. The prophet Amos records a series […]

How to Evade Pitfalls of the Wrong Perspective

What Does the Bible Say about Kingdom Investment?

Discover the Deep Truths of Jesus' Agricultural Parables

What does the Bible say about Kingdom investment? Two repeated illustrations throughout the New Testament speak to the mindset of the Christian laborer. The military picture is found frequently in the epistles and uses some of the warlike examples from the Old Testament. The Lord Jesus, however, more often uses stories or applications from the […]

What Does the Bible Say about Kingdom Investment

ICR Discovery Center Progress Report

"Complete the Doing"

Although ICR is not in quite the same place as the Corinthian church (see below), there is a parallel in that all of us need to be reminded to “complete the doing of it” before time becomes a master that overwhelms the initial excitement of a project and the vision fades. Here is a progress […]

ICR Discovery Center Progress Update

ICR Museum of Science and Earth History

Building to Equip the Next Generation

Back in September 2015, I challenged each of us to “Go For It!” Rising to the surface of my mind then was the deep burden that I have carried for over five years to put in place a legacy tool that would reach the coming generations. God’s people have always faced seasons of darkness and […]

ICR Museum of Science and Earth History web

Why Build a Science Museum?

A Legacy Tool for Future Generations

Many Christian leaders have spoken publicly over the past several months about their concerns for the state of our nation—especially since the Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage. All of these leaders reaffirm each other regarding their sense that the world is nearing a great event of judgment, perhaps the event that will signal the […]

Why Build a Science Museum