Episode 58: Obey Faithfully and Overcome Fear [Podcast]

God Instructs Moses and Calms His Insecurities

Although Moses initially was afraid and challenged God’s plan, God gave multiple assurances to Moses so he could fulfill God’s plan. When Moses learned to obey faithfully and overcome fear, God granted him personal authority to free the Israelites. In this episode, see how God enabled Moses—physically and spiritually—for the future in Egypt. Listen to the audio: Subscribe […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses in Training 4 - overcome fear

Episode 57: From Doubting to Dutiful [Podcast]

God Reveals His Plan at the Burning Bush

At the events of the burning bush, God begins his personal relationship and instruction with Moses. As God reveals His plan to deliver the nation of Israel, there is a transition from Moses the sheepherder to Moses the spokesperson of Israel. In this episode, learn how Moses responds to God’s call and transforms from doubting to dutiful. […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses in Training 3 - Doubting to Dutiful

Episode 56: The Making of a Leader [Podcast]

Tracing God's Hand in the Early Life of Moses

We’re told in Scripture that Moses was forty years old when he began to see the burdens of his people in Egypt. Through an unexpected path, we see the making of a leader as God shaped the character of Moses. In this episode, trace God’s hand in Moses’ journey to leadership over the nation of Israel. […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses in Training 2 - making of a leader

Episode 55: Trusting God Through Adversity [Podcast]

An Introduction to Exodus and God's Plan for Israel

The Lord used Moses to do marvelous things. As we begin studying Moses’ life and the book of Exodus, we need to remember God had a greater plan to build the nation of Israel. In this episode, learn how trusting God is possible even when facing dangerous circumstances and adversity. Listen to the audio: Subscribe to […]

Moses - Trusting God