Is the Ice Age Biblical and Scientific?

Discover What Happened to the Climate After the Genesis Flood

Most scientists agree that the earth has experienced long periods of time when glacial ice covered the continents as a result of drastic changes in geology and atmosphere. What worldwide cataclysm could have caused such a dramatic change in Earth’s climate? How did it affect the development of civilization? Could it happen again? Dig into […]

Is the Ice Age Biblical and Scientific

95 Reasons Why the Genesis Flood Was Global

A Comprehensive Study Guide on the Genesis Flood

There is little disagreement among scientists that the earth’s climate and geology have been drastically altered by water since the beginning of time, but they puzzle over how and when this occurred. Does the great worldwide Genesis Flood explain natural wonders like Grand Canyon? Or was it the result of gradual erosion over eons of […]

95 Reasons Why the Genesis Flood Was Global

ICR Discovery Center Progress Report

"Complete the Doing"

Although ICR is not in quite the same place as the Corinthian church (see below), there is a parallel in that all of us need to be reminded to “complete the doing of it” before time becomes a master that overwhelms the initial excitement of a project and the vision fades. Here is a progress […]

ICR Discovery Center Progress Update

A Tribute to ICR Founder Henry M. Morris

The Legacy of the Father of Creation Science

There is a line in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy from King Théoden of Rohan just as he was getting ready to lead his nation into the great war against Mordor. He threw the taunt of the evil wizard Saruman back in his face: “A lesser son of great sires am I, […]