Episode 33: Sovereign God [Podcast]

God Always Accomplishes His Plan—Even When Man Messes Up!

Isaac loved Esau, in spite of his immorality and wickedness; Rebekah loved Jacob, the one chosen by God. Man often “messes up,” but this doesn’t nullify the plans of our sovereign God. Discover how Rebekah’s plot was used by God for the ultimate good of Israel and even us today!

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Our Sovereign God

In this episode:

  • Learn about the character of our sovereign God

  • See how God used Rebekah’s plot to accomplish His greater plan for human history

  • Get answers to the following study questions:

  1. How did Isaac turn away from God in his later years?
  2. What was the “awful thing” that Isaac was intending to accomplish?
  3. How did our sovereign God accomplish His perfect plan for the Messianic line?
  4. What would’ve happened if Rebekah and Jacob didn’t succeed in their plot against Isaac?
  5. What would Rebekah and Jacob gain (or lose) for succeeding in their risky plot?
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Source: Wikipedia; Jacob and Rebekah, as in Genesis 27:15-23, 41-45; illustration from a Bible card published 1906 by the Providence Lithograph Company (public domain)

I have heard sermons by many. I’ve read commentaries by many that put all the blame on Jacob and said he was doing it so that he could get more money, so that he could put Esau in the background. None of that is true.

Jacob is a man—remember God called a perfect man, an upright man, a complete man—whose heart is focused on the things of the Kingdom and is getting ready to take place to prevent his father from doing an awful act. He knows that it will cost him dearly.

Here’s the question that I always get when I talk about these things: “Well, what would have happened if Jacob and Rebekah didn’t do this?” I hope you know that saying “what if” is a silly thing to say, because you can’t ever figure out “what if.” It didn’t happen, it won’t happen, it couldn’t happen, so it’s not going to happen, and it’s a silly thing to say. But let’s play this silly game, okay?

What if Jacob and Rebekah didn’t do this? Well, all the circumstances would have indicated that Esau would’ve gotten the blessing and been in charge of the Messianic line going forward; or, God would’ve pulled out some other thing. Perhaps the better thing is simply to trust God’s sovereignty here and to know that He will always complete His plan no matter how bad we mess it up.

One of the greatest confidences the Lord has given me over the years is not to worry about His plans. He will do it. Now, I’d like to be in on it. I’d like to be on the side that God is doing it.

Sometimes I make mistakes and don’t go there; make a bad decision. But I always have in the back of my mind—and I’ve told you this before and I’ll tell you it again in this context—every morning when I get up I say, “Lord, do not let me mess it up today.” I try as well as I understand to do what God wants me to do.

I pray those prayers daily, and many times during the day, but if I do mess it up God will still get it done no matter whatever I do, no matter what you do.

Heroes and Villains podcast Jacob and Esau review sovereign God[Review: Jacob and Esau – The Promised Heir, Twins, and the Sovereignty of God]

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