A New You and a New Life

  1. Our Position and Purpose in Christ
  2. Our Spiritual Blessings in Christ
  3. Power Possibilities in Christ
  4. The New You
  5. Review, Recapitulation, and Restart
  6. The Mystery Revealed
  7. The Fullness of God
  8. The Worthy Walk: The Basics
  9. The Worthy Walk: The Leadership
  10. The Worthy Walk: The Old & New Man
  11. The Worthy Walk: Follow God
  12. The Worthy Walk: The Godly Family
  13. The Worthy Walk: Godly Business
  14. Spiritual Warfare: The Battle Conditions
  15. Spiritual Warfare: The Battle Preparations
  16. Spiritual Armor: The Truth Belt
  17. Spiritual Armor: Breastplate of Righteousness
  18. Spiritual Armor: Shoes of Preparation
  19. Spiritual Armor: The Shield of Faith
  20. Spiritual Armor: Salvation’s Helmet
  21. Spiritual Armor: The Sword of the Spirit
  22. Spiritual Armor: Praying Always

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