The Patriarchs

A Series of Lessons on the Lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

  1. The Patriarchs
  2. Promise, Call, and First Test of Abraham
  3. Abraham: The Tests on Faith
  4. The Tragic Life of Lot
  5. Abraham as Intercessor
  6. The Son of the Bondwoman
  7. God’s Sovereign Will
  8. Abraham and Isaac
  9. The Young Man Isaac
  10. Abraham’s Legacy
  11. Isaac and His Family
  12. Isaac’s Dysfunctional Family
  13. Jacob Obtains the Blessing
  14. Jacob’s Dream on the Rock
  15. Jacob’s Famous Family
  16. Jacob Encounters Laban
  17. Jacob Returns to Bethel
  18. Esau and Dinah
  19. The Two Nations of Isaac
  20. Joseph the Dreamer
  21. Judah and Tamar
  22. Joseph in Potiphar’s House
  23. Joseph: The Interpreter of Dreams
  24. Joseph: “The Man”
  25. Joseph and the Brothers
  26. Restoration of Joseph’s Brothers
  27. Israel in Egypt
  28. The Blessings of Israel

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