Nature Reveals 5 Powerful Points About God

Discover What Nature Reveals About the Character of the Creator

God is the greatest communicator, always revealing exactly what He wants us to know about Himself, about one another, and about the world around us. God has indeed revealed Himself through what He created. What does nature reveal about the character of the Creator? Nature Reveals 5 Powerful Points About God It just takes a […]

Nature Reveals 5 Powerful Points About God

Who Do We Celebrate at Christmas?

A Brief Study of the Lord Jesus Christ

Who do we celebrate at Christmas? During the Christmas season, many Christians turn to the familiar passages in the Gospels describing the birth of Christ. These are wonderful, historical accounts of our Savior’s birth. But I’m going to start somewhere else for this brief study of the Lord Jesus Christ. Join me in celebrating the […]

Who Do We Celebrate at Christmas

How to Gain an Eternal Perspective this Thanksgiving

1 Lesson, 2 Parables, and 8 Principles

One of the more delightful passages of the book of Revelation describes the uncountable throng surrounding the Throne, joining the 144,000 freshly sealed saints from the tribes of Israel and the 24 elders, the specially commissioned angels, and the four living creatures, singing, shouting, and praising the Lamb, saying: “Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom, […]

Freedom and Spiritual Liberty

A Celebration of the “Glorious Liberty of the Children of God”

Americans celebrate the Fourth of July as a remembrance of our nation’s independence, liberty, and freedom. The original push for freedom was focused on political liberty. Although the Bible may imply political freedom in some of its references about Israel, the ultimate freedom that it promised is freedom from the rule of evil secured by […]


How to Communicate the Full Gospel of Christ

Creation, Conservation, and Consummation

America has often been classified as a “Christian” nation. But statistics from Pew Research and Gallup over the last decade have revealed a startling reality. Over half of professing evangelical Protestant church members believe that other religions can lead to eternal life! How can the church impact the world with the gospel of Christ if […]

How to Communicate the Full Gospel of Christ