Episode 5: A Very Different Earth [Podcast]

Explore the Pre-Flood World of Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel are the next subjects we will study in the Heroes and Villains podcast series. The biblical history addressing these two characters is very short—there’s less than a chapter spent on their interaction. God intended for us to learn from these events, even though they’re like Roman numerals in a very sparse outline. What can be learned about the very different Earth—the pre-Flood world of Cain and Abel?

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Surely you will remember that God finished the creation week by saying everything is very good. Now it ain’t that way today, so we’ve got to take that at face value. But there’s an awful lot of assumption in that and I think you need to remind yourselves of what Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel, and those that follow were dealing with in terms of their environment. The planet was very different. When we talk about the cosmology of a planet—or the cosmology of the Earth itself—we’re talking about the whole system, the way things worked. We live in a very different system of Earth functioning today.

One of the more common things that you can probably remember from other lessons that I’ve brought—there wasn’t any rain cycle like we think of today where we have evaporation and rain and the recycling of things. God had structured the planet very differently back then. Day 2 was where He structured the solar system quite differently. There were half of the waters, if you remember, above the expanse. We don’t know what that was or how it was structured, but any kind of water system above the atmosphere or stratosphere or even above the solar system would have created a, sort of a canopy or a greenhouse effect. It would have filtered radiation. It would’ve delayed the aging process. It would’ve, for all practical purposes, made a very, very uniform climate. Now we can verify that from the fossil record. I’ve mentioned that a couple of times in other lessons here. For instance, the coal deposits that are all over the face of the Earth—usually down quite deep in the mud deposits of the Earth—are full of plant fossils—ferns and palm trees and bark and stuff like that. And we have major coal deposits in places that are now deserts, for instance, or in—I know I’ve mentioned this to you—actually the continent of Antarctica.

One of the largest coal reservoirs is in the continent of Antarctica. Now, it ain’t that way down there today so whatever was going on prior to the ice cap indicated that all of that vegetation was a worldwide event. We would think of it almost like Hawaii all over the world. Because of this structure above the expanse—when the King James says God put the waters above the firmament, you remember that King James word? The Hebrew word is just an expanse. So, He split the water that was in the matrix on Day 1 into two sources. One of the sources of the water was above the—what we think of as our atmosphere, stratosphere, so on—and the remainder of it on the planet’s surface; then on Day 3 He separated that remaining water into dry land and water, so the whole structure of the planet thing was very different.

That means that the early Earth and the millennia and centuries that followed were in an environment that was very, very different than what you and I experience today. That’s one of the reasons why they had such long lives and the health conditions were a result of God’s planning. Remember He designed the Earth “very good,” so the structure of all of the pieces—all of the food processes that were developed, all of the structure of the Earth itself was designed to be productive.

This episode sets the stage for Cain and Abel by exploring their very different Earth:

  1. The condition of early Earth was very different than what we experience today.
  2. People lived a whole lot longer due to God’s design of the environment.
  3. The biblical genealogies give us great insight into the “first world.”

Question: Earth was designed to last forever, but then man sinned and God cursed the ground. What does this tell you about the impact of the Fall? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 5: A Very Different Earth [Podcast]

  1. When Adam and Eve sinned it affected not just mankind but all of creation. Creation was designed to exist forever with us. When we fell into sin, the weight of it fell on the earth/universe too. Our earth is no longer able to sustain us indefinitely.