Your Origins Matter

God Made You for a Reason

Your origins matter. Who and what you are is important! More significantly, how you see yourself really matters.

Your Origins Matter

Your Origins Matter

If humanity is nothing more than the product of random forces, then what I do is irrelevant—except as it satisfies my own wishes. If I am nothing more than a “higher order” of grunting anthropoid, then I can grunt and throw my weight around just like they do.

If, however, I am the unique creation of an omnipotent and omniscient God who loves me and has a specific design for my life, then my whole perspective about myself and the world changes radically!

Here’s the problem. No human being was around when the universe began. All any of us know is what we are told by others. Most of us are told that we are nothing more than organized chaos and more developed “cousins” of the apes.

But God has another story. He claims to be the Originator. He insists that He made all things and has specifically organized the universe for His glory and our benefit.

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