What Can We Know About Creation?

Understanding the Beginning

Man can, through diligence and careful attention to detail, uncover much about the things “made” and “shaped” by God during creation. Indeed, man was given the authority to “rule” and “subdue” the earth by his Creator, and those disciplines that we call science and technology are the methods by which we uncover much evidence for […]

What Can We Know About Creation?

Finding Power in the Good News

Why Death Is Powerless and Hope Is Found in God's Power

The physical universe and all the information that humanity can uncover will be interpreted in the light of the belief system or worldview each individual holds. Even those mystics who believe in some form of reincarnation acknowledge that such other lives are unknown and are disconnected from present awareness, only surfacing in some kind of […]

Finding Power in the Good News

God Rules

The Scriptures Verify the Creator's Authority and Humanity's Accountability

The book of Genesis is the source for the Christian belief system and the basis for a biblical worldview. For no other reason than that, everyone who has an influential position among others ought to study, comprehend, and engage the message of this book of beginnings. Genesis tells us that God rules over His creation. […]

God Rules

Why Should Genesis Be Required Reading?

Remembering the Forgotten Book of Beginnings

Genesis is a fascinating book! The timeless narratives contained in it have delighted spellbound youngsters since it was written. Scholars have debated the information for centuries—especially the historicity and authenticity of the first 11 chapters. Preachers have wrestled with the implications of the lives of the patriarchs. Countless readers have either gaped in awe at […]

Genesis required reading

The Bible and Evolution Are Incompatible

Free Resources to Study Biblical Creation

No one has observed the evolutionary process of upward change taking place today. It does not happen! The Genesis narrative clearly communicates recent, special creation by the Triune God. The Bible and evolution (vertical change) are incompatible. The false reasoning used by evolutionists is that “since there is evidence of small changes (horizontal), there must […]

Science Does Not Observe Evolution Happening Today