Episode 62: Follow with Faith [Podcast]

Moses Leads His People Through the Desert

After the ten plagues, Egypt had been destroyed. The Israelites were brought out of slavery and became a very wealthy nation. Wandering through the desert, it is here that Moses takes a formal role of protective leadership for the children of Israel. In this episode, learn about the route the Israelites take as they try to […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses the Leader follow with faith

Episode 61: Established Throughout Eternity [Podcast]

Egypt Experiences the Final Plagues

The plagues continue as God demonstrates His sovereign power over all other forces. When Pharaoh finally frees the Israelites, Egypt is reduced to nothing. And God ensures the nation of Israel will be established throughout eternity. In this episode, learn how Israel goes from being a slave nation to one of the wealthiest nations of the […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses the Challenger 3 - Established Throughout Eternity

Episode 60: God’s Plan for Pharaoh [Podcast]

The Ten Plagues Begin as Egypt Comes to an End

The ten plagues of Egypt are one of the most monumental displays of God’s power. As Moses pleads for the freedom of Israel, God’s plan is executed. In this episode, discover how the Lord hardens Pharaoh’s heart through the ten plagues. Listen to the audio: Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes | Android | Google Play  In this episode, […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses the Challenger 2 - Pharaoh

Episode 59: Battle of Gods [Podcast]

The Interchange Between Pharaoh and Moses

Because of Egypt’s rule under Pharaoh, the circumstances necessary to free the Israelites proved to be daunting. But the Lord empowered Moses, giving him the words to say and the miracles to perform. In this episode, see how Moses’ faithfulness and Pharaoh’s opposition becomes a battle of gods. Listen to the audio: Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes | […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses the Challenger battle of gods

Episode 58: Obey Faithfully and Overcome Fear [Podcast]

God Instructs Moses and Calms His Insecurities

Although Moses initially was afraid and challenged God’s plan, God gave multiple assurances to Moses so he could fulfill God’s plan. When Moses learned to obey faithfully and overcome fear, God granted him personal authority to free the Israelites. In this episode, see how God enabled Moses—physically and spiritually—for the future in Egypt. Listen to the audio: Subscribe […]

Heroes and Villains podcast Moses in Training 4 - overcome fear